Manage your business expenses when you travel abroad



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If you own a business and have to travel abroad for work, you can manage the expenses made during your trip with Concur.

This recommendable application will provide you with a complete report of your expenses, helping you understand in detail where your money is being spent and what the financial limit of the trip is. Your credit card information will also be attached to the report, and other methods will be included that help you adhere to the budget you've made.

With Concur you can approve the expense reports as well as present the reports to your workers. You can even add an event and get to know the people who attend. This application will also help you remember the details of every meeting.

On the other hand, the application can also provide you with an integrated management of each individual trip, with options available to keep your plane tickets, hotel reservations, and itineraries organized, as well as follow the status of your flight.

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